Everyone At Chicago Aquarium Stands Speechless When A Pacific Dolphin Gives Birth

Last week at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, a 28-year-old Pacific white-sided dolphin named Katrl gave birth to her calf after about three hours in labor. Thankfully, Sam Cejtin, the videographer of Shedd Aquarium, recorded the below footage of the entire amazing miracle of nature.

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In the beginning, the calf’s tail pops out of the Mom, and within a few moments, the baby comes completely out swimming for the first time with the proud Mom, as well as taking its very first breath at the outside world.

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Lisa Takaki from the Shed Aquarium said in a statement posted on their website, “As soon as those little tail flukes appear, your heart begins to race, and you know it is only a matter of time before you are about to witness something incredibly amazing. To watch a dolphin be born is beautiful, but to also see its natural instincts fully take over in a matter of seconds as it kicks its tail to propel its little body to the surface to take its first breath is overwhelmingly emotional.”

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It is pleasing to know that the unnamed adorable calf was healthily born at around 3 feet and 25 pounds, and quickly bonded with the Mom. While some of the first-time animal mothers do not know what to do in this case, this mama dolphin knew exactly how to take care of her little baby.

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Takaki also said, “We could not be more proud of the job Katrl is doing as a new mother, showing signs of protectiveness by steering her calf away from the sides of the habitat and helping to guide it into swimming position to conserve its energy reserves.”

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