This is everyone’s adventures with their dog. You won’t stop smiling.


This video had made my day, if you are a pet owner you have to watch this. Every pet owner have those special moments, maybe some of them is hard, maybe it’s a big responsibility to take care of a four legged friend who actually can’t do anything without your help, but actually you can’t live without them, because they are the most precious thing in life. This video is simply showing what it’s really like to take care of your dog, if you are a pet owner you will find that there is too many things are common, you will find yourself in a scene of them.

This is everyone's adventures with their dog. You won't stop smiling.

What it feels like when you go to change your cloth in front of your dog? It’s hilarious and awkward, I think you did just the same like this man, you take your cloth and change somewhere else. How many times you took your dog outside to pee? But he didn’t, he only did it in home!! Or how many times you prepared dog’s food for him? But your dog refuses to eat it and ate from your own food, or how many times you tried to convince your dog that his food is more delicious than yours? How much times you were trying to stop him from eating grass. Those amazing and funny photos you are trying to capture with your dog with some of your stuff like clothes and hats. Those amazing times you play together and hide him and cover him with the blankets, it’s the dark cave game. How many times you brought delicious treats because you are trying to train your dog on a new trick? How many times your dog waked you up in the morning and started to lick you to wake you up? Nothing is more precious in life than owning a dog.