Family cat does not stop meowing. Now watch what he shows them at their garage. Unbelievable!

Among all animals, dogs are the most credited with saving lives. It makes sense that dogs are recruited to work with military and police forces, as they have a powerful sense of smell, and never hesitate jumping right in danger’s way to save their humans lives. Moreover, therapy dogs are recruited to help to heal the people who suffer from an emotional trauma. Pups are just amazing creatures, are not they?

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However, dogs are not the only animals that can help humans when their lives are in jeopardy. There are other animals have many capabilities and virtues that are proven to be very useful for us, especially when our lives – as their beloved owners – are in danger and depend on them.

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There are many pets are out there, but cats do not seem the typical rescuers. However, Bob is far different, and his family is sure that they got a furry friend who is looking out for them!

Bob is a 7-year-old rescue cat whose behavior is predictable. This fluff ball knows what kind of food he prefers when he can hog one of his family’s beds, and when exactly he can wake them up.

When Bob started meowing oddly one night, his owners could not help but get out of bed and follow him. Bob’s family thought he was hungry, but he led them to the door of their garage, where they discovered something shocking behind their cat’s odd behavior. Bob’s family is now crediting him for being alive!

Watch the video to find out the danger that was lurking inside, and please let us know in a comment if a pet had ever led you to make a discovery!

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