A family is very exciting and the reason is adopting a new puppy.

12-3-2014 10-47-15 PM

What does it feel like when you are about to have a new member at your home? In this video, this new member is a puppy. Adopting a puppy is the best thing that you can do. It’s like giving life to a hopeless soul.

This little family is about to have a new member; at the start of the video, you will see all the family interested and excited because they are going to finally take the small puppy. The kids were so happy; they love the idea of having a dog pet in their home. Everything in this day was recorded, Glimmer is the puppy name. It was the most perfect decision to add a new member to this cute family. The family adopted Glimmer the puppy from the Alaqua Animal Refuge, this video records the first moment they met with Glimmer the little puppy and it was precious, the way they played with him, I am very happy to see the excitement on the children’s faces, it’s the sweetest thing to see.

A family is very exciting and the reason is adopting a new puppy.

I am sure that this puppy will have the best happy and amazing life. It’s an invitation for you to adopt a dog and offer them the love and happiness they need. Every dog is sitting in a shelter out there, waiting to find a happy forever home. Every dog in those shelters was abandoned and faced so many struggles, they deserve endless joy.

Adopting a rescued dog is amazing; it’s like bringing light to a poor soul life. Those stories will amaze you and will warm your heart. Watch this amazing video of a special funny dance that the volunteers do it for each time a dog is adopted; it will bring you much joy. Also don’t miss this heartwarming story of saving a dog named Luz, her adopting story is very touching. Enjoy watching.