Family Is Left In Shock After Capturing A Footage Of Their Dead Dog

Owners of this very short video claim that they could smell a wet dog in more than one place of their house. They used to have a dog that passed away in an earlier time. While they were trying to get a video memory, and just before recording anything, the camera holder caught this glimmer transparent ghost! It just looks like their dog was hanging around the place. WOW, what a footage!
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Some people experience paranormal incidents like this, but I was impressed with such clear video footage, that reminded me of another dog ghost story. A dog showed himself completely to her owner!
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The owner owns the dog since he was a kid, he loved him so much and was defending him against anyone comes by him. The loving dog had aggressively attacked neighbors. After proper diagnosis, the puppy declared danger to people. They had to put it down. The innocent kid only knew that his dog had left. One day later, he was going to his room when he saw his dog lying down on the floor at his usual spot. At his first sight, he did not pay attention as his mind was still keeping his spontaneous memories with his pal. He just passed it to his dressing, and then looked back when figured it out, but the dog was gone!
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It looks like passed away spirits of dogs’ miss their homes! Let us know in a comment below if you already have or know a similar story.

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Via Paw My Gosh