Family Makes Inspiring Rescue For A Great Pyrenees They Found At The Roadside

During Melissa Ringstaff and her family were in two hourslong driving trip, they spotted what they thought an injured dog lying on the side of the road. Once the traveling family pulled over to have a look and see if they could help the lying pooch, they were shocked by what they found!

While Ringstaff was afraid of finding the pooch hit by a car, he luckily had not. The lying Great Pyrenees got on his feet and approached them. What surprised the Kentucky family is the reason why this pooch was lying there!

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Unexpectedly, the Great Pyrenees was guarding his friend (another dog) who had been hit by a car and was lying on the side of the road as well! Unluckily, the other dog was dead, which broke Melissa’s heart.

According to what Melissa wrote on her blog, A Virtuous Woman, they could not get the pooch in the car in their first attempt. 10 hours later, they get back to him at the same spot to try again, and this time they were able to rescue him.

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When Ringstaff’s family was trying to load the pooch up, some people in the passing vehicles had expressed their gladness to see the family help. A local person told them that this pooch was sitting there for few days since his family abandoned him. The two poor dogs were left behind after their owners moved away!

The kind family immediately fell in love with the Great Pyrenees. In the video below, you can see Tucker, as they named him, and know more about his adventures with Melissa and her family.

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