What does your favorite dog breed says about you?

What is your favorite dog breed? It’s a simple question with a simple answer, but have you ever thought that the simple answer is a reflection of who you are? Have you ever thought that your dog’s breed is telling something about you and your personality? In this article, you will see what the dogs’ breeds say about their owners, so which one is your dog?
French bulldog
You have an amazing personality, you fit anywhere you go. You have an amazing way that makes people fall in love with you easily, and you are very friendly.

Mixed Breed
You’re very down-to-earth, you give great advices. You pick a side and stick to it, always.

You are an “I don’t care” person, you don’t care who loves or hates you; it doesn’t matter to you. But you are not a tough person; you have that amazing side that you only show for someone that you trust. Your friends are for life.

Boston terrier
You are a hyper, energetic and insane person. Sometimes you feal like hiding things in your heart, but when you feel that you are going crazy, you won’t hesitate in revealing it all.

Pit bull
You are very fine with spending time alone, you have a big heart, and you love those relations that are built on honesty and loyalty.

You’re never too worried when it comes to cleaning; you don’t mind leaving your dishwasher unloaded. You also always get what you want.

You are a very curious person, who needs to know everything, and you are very professional in reaching information and figuring things out, also people come to you for help and to know some information from you.
We are not done yet, there are more breeds waiting. So if you didn’t find your breed here, just wait for the updates. To be continued…