Ferret babies were following their mom, look what she did when one of them was left behind

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This video is showing the amazing mother instinct. It all started when those ferret babies were following their mother, they were trying to climb the wall like her. She climbed the wall successfully and went to the other side, then, her babies tried to follow her. The baby ferrets were strong enough to climb and they finally made it at the top. But there was a baby ferret that started to cry out for his mother to come to the rescue when he reached the top. Mother’s love is indescribable, isn’t it? You will be amazed by what the mother did. She was leading him to the right way.

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Ferrets are very cute animals; it would be amazing if they were raised as pets. They have another name which is Mustela, and they have so many colors like black, white or brown or maybe mixed colors. Their life span is about 8 years; but some were known to live till 12 years old. The weirdest thing is that they need about 14-18 hours of sleep. Baby ferrets are called kits, they are born with a white fur, and you won’t believe this, the baby ferrets are small enough to fit a teaspoon! It’s totally unbelievable. They love to jump and play around, and they are not afraid of humans.

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