Filipino Boy Shields Birthing Cat From Raging Typhoon


It has become usual to see people getting killed everyday all over the world. Sadly, It became very usual to see acts of evil in our everyday life. That’s why we are intrigued when we witness acts of kindness and mercy. May be because these acts restore our hope in humanity.  We are still able to differentiate between good and bad.


As huge waves from Manila Bay crashed over the breakwater in the midst of a typhoon, a young boy, saw the need of his rapid action.


He saw a cat on a bay giving birth to her young. However, there was a typhoon crashing and waves were showering the poor cat with ice-cold water. The boy immediately got a large plastic sheet and started shielding the cat from the typhoon.


This was such a touching scene! Fortunately,The photographer Linus Escandor, witnessed while photographing the tumultuous bay as typhoon Egay roared through the Philippine capital. The boy, whose identity is still unknown, seemed very concerned for the pregnant cat and her new little kittens.  He showed a very simple but yet unusual concern and act of kindness and humanity. The photographer, Linus Escandor, captured these warm and kind moments.


Later, the cats were rescued by a local animal welfare group. This young hero has taught us all a lesson in humanity, compassion and generosity. He stood there with very light clothes trying to save the little cats. He has shown such bravery and kindness, that you can’t help but admire. Thanks to this unknown hero our faith in humanity has been restored.