Filly whisks and dances just like a graceful ballerina

When it ever comes to horses, the beauty of our natural world is always revealed! If you remember the handsome horse Frederik, you will know exactly how beautiful and graceful these creatures are.  This video, here, is another example of these breathtaking animals.  If I were to ever rate all the horses I have ever seen, this little elegant creature would certainly be my number one!
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Filly is a 32 months old horse, she has shown skills of a graceful ballerina.  She seems like she just loves to float on air! Every time there is a neighboring horse on the other side of the fence, Filly seems to show off her skills like she is attracting their attention with her graceful steps.  Her owners admit that “She knows that she is capable of doing nice moves!”, they also confiremed that they never use any baggies or whips to instruct her.  She is a natural talent and loves to volunteer running with such grace and speed!

While not having the confidence to approach the hoursed next door, Filly capable of showing her incredible moves and showing her talents off to others.  You can see her feet whisking and dancing few inches above the ground like a real ballet dancer on stage!

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There is no doubt that the majestic creatures have a mysterious and nearly spiritual aspect to them! Anyone watches this beautiful video can feel the magic!


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