Firefighter gets a slobbery kiss from dog he rescued from flood water


Luckily, the heartwarming moment when a rescued dog thanked a firefighter who saved the animal and his owner lives from rushing chest-deep Texas waters has been captured on camera. The grateful dog was seen jumping up and licking the McKinney Fire Department firefighter to say” thank you” to him for saving his life.

‘His feet hit the ground and he almost instantly went towards the firefighter that had saved him, jumped all over him, licked all over him,’ photographer Michael O’Keefe, who captured the rescue on video, told NBC DFW.

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The man had hoisted the dog on his shoulders while he waited for help to arrive, according to McKinney Fire Department spokeswoman Stacie Durham.

A search team was able to determine his exact location before arriving to find the man, thanks to using pings from his phone, who was clinging onto his dog in the flood waters, trapped in a tree, according to the Courier-Gazette.

During the ‘long-angle rescue’, the fire engine ladder was set over the water from the Eldorado bridge before the firefighter hanging by ropes was lowered to bring the man and his dog to safety.

After they were rescued, the dog was seen in pictures ‘thanking’ the firefighter in the way he knew best.

‘It was real touching to watch,’ O’Keefe said of the heartwarming moment.

Durham described the rescue as a lengthy process and added that both the man and dog were ok, according to the Courier-Gazette.

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Authorities stated in a short time after the call, a woman reported being stuck on a road in her car and water was coming into it. Durham said the woman was saved with a swift water rescue thanks to emergency personnel. Then another call within two hours later, with a driver reporting that rushing water had risen up around his car, and that it had started coming inside while he sat in a parking lot.

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