Firefighters Do a Beyond Awesome Photoshoot to Help Shelter Dogs, And It’s More Than Amazing


Sadly, shelter animals euthanasia is still an activity that takes place in many places despite efforts by animal activists and animal lovers to get people to adopt from shelters. Euthanasia is a heartbreaking thing, but sometimes it’s the only option left for shelters that run out of space and cannot provide proper care for the old or sick dogs.

While maintaining a no-kill shelter still presents a challenge to all the people who are trying to save our little furry friends, it is so heartwarming to see that some people are willing to give their best to save those poor animals and make the world a better place for them. This is what happened in Charleston, South Carolina, when a group of firefighters came together with the help of the Charleston Animal Society to do something amazing for the shelter dogs.

The firefighters participated in a photoshoot with the shelter dogs, and all of the photos from the photoshoot are used to make awesome calendars that are sold through the shelter. As all the profits from the calendar go to the Charleston Animal Society, it will help the shelter treat injured and ill animals, significantly lowering the numbers of dogs that have to be euthanized.

With the success of this campaign, the Charleston Animal Society is hoping that it can become the first no-kill shelter in the Southeast, all because of the dedicated efforts of these firefighters.

We have to admit, this campaign sure looks like a successful one. The photos are amazing, and both the dogs and the firefighters are reaching sky high levels of handsomeness!