Firefighters rescued a dog from Oak Park House Fire.

4-5-2015 10-18-39 PM

Firefighters are doing endless efforts to save lives, even if they are paying theirs in return. In this video, you will see that horrible fire that catches an Oak Park home, the fire was terrifying and heartbreaking.

The firefighters came immediately to save the owner and her dog, they entered immediately to save the dog, and thankfully they found the dog and brought him out of the burning house. The dog was conscious; from the first sight you will think he is dead. The firefighters did their best to save him, and thankfully, in 1:56 the man in black came and turned his face to the camera and said to the lady who was worried about the dog, that the dog is alive. My heart was about to stop till I heard this word.


The firefighters gave the dog oxygen using an oxygen tank which is designed perfectly and worked as fast as they can to save him.

After some investigations, they discovered that the homeowners were out of town, they weren’t at home and they were leaving the dog alone in home. Now the dog is at the vet getting the care that he needs. The firefighters reported later that they rescued small animals from the home, some turtles, fish and a hedgehog, and two little kittens but sadly, they didn’t survive.

Firefighters always do their best in saving lives, watch this video of pit bull dogs that were in a burning apartment but what the firefighters did to save them was incredible. Don’t miss also to watch this video of firefighters who rescued a dog that was stuck on the roof for 3 days, the truth they discovered was shocking.

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