For his birthday, he got a “Jurassic Park” costume birthday gift; the dog’s reaction is hilarious!


It’s for sure that one day you will receive or received a very weird, horrible and embarrassing gift. Our friend Marv got one of those tragic birthday gifts. The present was “a dinosaur costume”, Marv wore it and hid in the corner, and he was so embarrassed for what he was wearing. The music that was attached to the video is amazing and it suits the situation.

We love our pets so we don’t want them to feel miserable by our gifts, so we have to choose some amazing gifts ideas, like some stuffed animals. That will be amazing for your pet to play with or actually “bite them and destroy them all”. You can also prepare some nice treats for your dog and make him feel special. One of the best gifts is tie collars, they really make your dog look very elegant and charming. Stuffed bones are also interesting for dogs; you should surprise them by buying one.

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We hope that you won’t surprise your pets with these miserable gifts. It’s better to make your dog a homemade gift, you know your dog better and you know what makes him happier. Buy your dog a new collar, it’s like buying new clothes, or go buy him some toys from the pets’ shop. The most important thing is food, give your dog the food he likes, if there is some food not allowed, give him some of it but not much, and don’t forget about the cake, a dog shaped birthday cake will be amazing, also buy your dog some of his favorite treats or even make him some in home.