For The Second Time, Poisoned Hot Dogs Are Found In The Street In Maryland Neighborhood.

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Sadly, the outside world is cruel and vicious. It’s full of inhumane people who are trying to hurt us by so many ways. I’m so surprised by how inhumane some people are, some are murderers, others are thieves, and they are harming us in all ways possible. Not only harming humans, but also harming our pets. I still wish I could get an explanation of why people would poison animals, or kill people. But today’s story concerns dogs, and it’s absolutely horrible. I’m so disgusted by the world we live in, what the hell have animals done to people to hurt them in that way?

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Someone inhumane had left poisoned hot dog in Anne Arundel County, in Maryland neighborhood.The investigations started to search for the person put the poisoned hot dogs around the neighborhood. A dog later was rushed to the vet hospital after he ate one of these poisoned hotdogs. The hot dogs were thrown and scattered on the floor.

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The Anne Arundel County Police and animal control are nowinvestigating, wanting to find out who did this! Who aims to kill any dog passing around? Nikki DeBrousewas walking her dog in the morning; she noticed that he ate a hotdog that was thrown near a street lamp. When she returned back home, her dog started vomiting, so she took him immediately to the vet.

Thankfully, the dog is well now, but police is warning every pet owner to be careful when walking their dogs, or even when your dog is in your backyard to eat any unrecognizable thing. So everyone PLEASE be careful while walking your dog outside, because sometimes dogs are too fast and they might eat anything on the ground before we even notice. The outside ground cannot be trusted, so please you should keep a careful eye on them.

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