Four Boys Save An Abandoned Dog Tied With A Bungee Cable


It is my pleasure to introduce to you these four amazing kids, Kenny, Kenneth, Kevin and Andrew. These four noble boys were helping a woman in their neighborhood to move when they found something awful: a brown dog, abandoned and tied with a bungee cable to a nearby empty house.

The four noble kids decided to help the dog. With the help of some bologna slices, they managed to get the dog to their house. They later named the dog Sparkle, one of the four kids even covered her with his jacket to make her warm.

Although Sparkle was so thin and had some hair loss on her hind end, she was so excited to take the food they offered her and later she went outside to play.

The Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue were accidently driving by and saw the little rescue group. They right away figured out what the four boys had done. The rescue’s founder, Theresa Sumpter, told WDIV:


“You could tell they really love this dog. They really were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.”

Sumpter and the other rescuers asked the four boys if they would allow them to help.  The dog would be right away taken to the vet for a check up before she at the end will be put up for adoption. The four kids accepted.

Sumpter said that Sparkle will be moved to  Pet Tales Rescue in Grand Rapids, Michigan under the supervision of Detroit Pit Chew’s Straight Outta Detroit Project. She will be put up for adoption.

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via barkpost.com