From War to Wisdom, The story of Kenny Bass and Atlas, the Wonderdog


Lots of people in our world underestimate the relationship between animals and humans. A widely held belief is that people should have pets just because they add more fun to our lives and are nice to have around; however, this is absolutely not the case! We’ve seen so many examples of how owning a dog or a cat or any kind of pet can leave a positive and big enough change in people’s lives, no matter what kind of pet they own

Of course, having a pet is a gate to endless fun for all members of the family. Still, we should recognize all the ways that our pets can and do help us with. Making our lives better is what they live for

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This video is very touching; it shows you how amazing and deep the relationship between humans and dogs is. This is a video from a documentary film called “From War To Wisdom,” and in this part, Kenny Bass is telling his story during war, and after he came back home. His suffering from PTSD, Post traumatic stress disorder, started when he came back to the U.S.A. He also suffered from hearing loss and Behcet’s Disease after being wounded by an IED in Iraq

Kenny’s life was miserable. He tried his best to treat what he was suffering from for several years but no results were achieved. However, when he was given Atlas, a trained service dog, his life was completely turned around by this caring, smart pet

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In the video, Kenny tells us his heartwarming experience with Atlas the Wonderdog. You will see how Atlas is able to make Kenny’s life a lot easier, especially in helping him live with the symptoms of his diseases. And in light of that great benefit, Kenny decided to start a foundation that provides service dogs for war veterans at no cost. He wants to make sure all veterans benefit from having a service dog and to live a better life