FUNNY VIDEO! This is the difference between dogs and cats.

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This video shows an adult dog trying to teach a puppy to walk down the stairs. The puppy whimpers and whines and hesitates many, many times. The adult dog walks down to the landing which is half way down the stair case. He turns and still tries to get the puppy to follow him.  There are more scenes of the puppy and the dog.  Towards the end is where the cats come in. You will laugh when you see what happens in the cat’s story, it really hurts. Watch to see what the cat does to know what the difference between what the dogs do. This is a very funny video that you won’t stop laughing.

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The video was uploaded on YouTube and gained a huge success; it received about more than 1.5 million views, with a huge number of shares on social media websites and pets’ blogs. So don’t forget to share this amazing funny video with your family and friends, they won’t stop laughing on it.

This relation between animals and their babies are always adorable, the way they bring them to life, the way they lick them and clean them, the way the feed them, how they protect them, and punish them. When we see those parenthood specialties between animals you really feel amazed, especially when it comes to the part of teaching them. Female dogs carry their puppies for between the 58 and 63 days, it’s also very important for puppies to stay with their mother from six to seven weeks and ideally for twelve weeks to learn skills and feed.

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