A very FUNNY video. He asked her for a swing push, and it was amazing

funny video

I like it when I see owners giving lots of love to their dogs; it’s very heart-warming and joyful also a very  funny video to watch. The owner of Sara the dog went out in the park, but when it comes for swinging, the owner asked Sara if she wanted to get a swing push, she said yes. So her owner put her in.

This funny video shows how Sara is happy with her swinging, she looks like she is really smiling, and she smiled more when he pushed a little bit harder. The 4 years old dog loves this swing from her first year, and she did the same reaction each time her owner asked her. She loves swinging and it seems like she is really cheering up. She is so cute and this funny video is the most adorable of all.

funny video

This sweet funny video was uploaded on YouTube by the owner of Sara, the video gained a huge success, it received a huge amount of views that exceeded 1 million, and thousands of shares on social media and pets’ blogs. Some of the viewers commented that maybe the dog is physically hurt and maybe she is not enjoying it, and her tail is tucked. But it’s completely untrue. The dog looks like she is really enjoying it, she feels happy with an amazing smile on her face.

FUNNY video

So next time you go to the park, try to put your dog on the swing, it will enjoy. And I’m sure that they will love you more. Don’t forget to share this amazing funny video with your family and friends.