He gave the stray dog some food, so the dog rewarded him with love. It’s an amazing video.


If you made a good thing, make sure you know that it will return to you one day, the one who will draw a smile on people’s face, someone will come around and draw a smile on his face. You have to give love without expecting anything in return. It’s very beautiful to share happiness with others like the man in this video had done. You don’t need to be rich to spread happiness between people.

He gave the stray dog some food, so the dog rewarded him with love. It's an amazing video.

It starts when the man is walking down the street to his work, it simply shows how many kinds of happiness you can do, and he helped the plant that needs water. And when he saw a poor woman pushing the cart that she can hardly lift, he went to help her to lift it. When he was eating, a stray dog came to him so he shared with him some of his food, despite the fact that he doesn’t own a lot of it. When he met a beggar, he gave her the only money left in his pocket, despite the fact that actually, he doesn’t have any money for him. He bought some bananas and put them on the door of this old woman, who is probably his neighbor. This amazing man kept on doing this, every day. One day, the stray dog followed him back to home, he owned a new friend, and can this stray dog find an amazing owner like this one? The last amazing scene, when this stray dog tried to help his friend in planting, this stray dog is rewarding the owner with some of the love he gave to people. And the daughter of the beggar went to school, the plant became bigger, it will grow up till it is a wonderful tree, full of flowers and lots of butterflies. This is how life should be, and this is what every person should do, spread love.