German shepherd dog sees her owner for the first time in a year; her reaction will melt your heart!

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Once again, German Shepherd dogs amaze us. If you’re a German shepherd owner, then you just know how much of a blessing having it is. German Shepherds are incredibly kind and compassionate. They have more than once proven how intelligent they are and how quickly they can learn and acquire new skills and habits. They are also very protective of their owners and anyone they have shared the house with, they are known for being brave and willing to sacrifice their own safety in order to protect those who they love. They are very loyal to their owners and they remain this way even if their owners are gone for a long time.

And this video proves just that.

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In this video you will see how this adorable German Shepherd dog reacted after she saw her dad, who was gone for a year before.

This is one of the things I love most about dogs, not just German Shepherd, but any breed. They never forget a face or a smell, and they always hold you dear to their hearts if you treat them kindly.

This baby was just SUPER excited to see her dad again! She was crazily moving around him, he almost even tripped! But it was totally adorable. She kept sniffing him, as if trying to make sure that he was really there, and that she’s not dreaming!
Finally the man gave up and he just laid down on the grass to cuddle with his dog, but she was just too excited to settle down, she kept jumping and running around.

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It’s just priceless, she seems to be having the happiest moment in her life.


German Shepherds are just so loveable. Don’t you agree? How does your dog react when you return home after a long day? Share this video with your family and friends.