Get ready to be amazed; meet Scooby the dog, he will show you the best performance ever.

Get ready to be amazed; meet Scooby the dog, he will show you the best performance ever.

Are you ready to be amazed? Then you have to watch this incredibly amazing performance. Hand balancer Christian Stoinev is very talented, he was one of the competitors in America’s got talent, but what made him different was his secret weapon, his dog and best friend Scooby, they were both ready to impress the audience, and they really did. The show started with Christian doing his hand balance routine, then his cute dog appeared to rock the stage together, their acrobatic moves were mostly incredible. Especially that part when Christian made the hand balancing again with Scooby on his back, what happened next was completely unbelievable. By the end of the show, Scooby the dog made an adorable move standing on his own front hinds; no doubt that Scooby is a professional.

The Hand balancer Christian Stoinev is a fifth generation performer; he traveled everywhere to show the world his amazing performances. He owns a dog that performs with him, named Scooby, as he said he owned him since Scooby was three months old, Scooby started performing since he was 5 years old. He performed in many international festivals like the International festival in Monaco in 2005, and Festival di Latina IN 2008. And about Scooby, he is a very well trained dog, he can do many acrobatic moves, you can also train your dog on many dancing and acrobatic moves, it will improve the skills of your dog, you just need delicious treats and patience.

Scooby wasn’t the first dog to rock the talent stage, watch here this beautiful dog named Gin that rocked the stage with her amazing dance performance. You will be stunned; she will impress you.


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