Giant Dog Over Reacts as Mom Tries to Document a Moment with a Little Puppy!

We all know dogs as very emotional creatures, and most of dog owners know that not only humans who can become dramatic!

Dogs can be a little bit silly as well! They feel jealous in certain cases, and while I have seen many jealous pups myself, I think that woman in the video below is dealing with a different kind of drama!

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Mom set her camera to record a video with her new little puppy (Snapshot: You Tube)


We all love our pets in every single way, and while this well-trained huge pooch is no exception, Great Dane could not prevent himself from feeling jealous! I think the reason is obvious, this little puppy that mom holds is responsible for this. Great Dane does not really look happy while mom is giving all the attention to that adorable tiny ball of fur!

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Great Dane is here and wants some love too… (Snapshot: You Tube)


It seems like Great Dane was too envy! He could not prevent himself from leaping up on his mom, and started begging her to give the same love she gives to the tiny puppy she holds!

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I want you to hold me like that J (Snapshot: You Tube)


This pup is one of the biggest dogs I have ever seen in my life. Still, he just has to accept that cute little pup in the house! However, his mom will keep giving him all the hugs and kisses he deserves as long as he is a “good boy”!

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