Golden Retriever puppies enjoy their time playing with ice cubes!

Golden Retriever Puppies Play With Ice Cubes

Golden Retrievers catch our hearts every time we see them, especially puppies; they killed us with their unlimited cuteness. But this scene includes some incredibly hilarious ones. Puppies have their own special games, and in this video we found them playing with cubed ice, they lick it and no problem with them to try eating some. Their paws are trying to catch more and more cubes, but suddenly one of the puppies decided to take a nap between all the ice cubes, how adorable and cute.


Golden Retriever Puppies have a special game, watch this adorable cute scene.

We can’t deny the fact that this is a cute scene, actually so many dogs does that too, ice cubes are their favorite game, but the fact it’s too dangerous for small puppies or big ones to eat or drink or even lick something cold, so ice cubes are dangerous on them and may cause major problems especially in teeth and stomach and that was a reason for the viewers to dislike the video. Golden Retriever puppies and elder dogs have a very special relation with snow, that’s because they have a thick fur coat, and that’s why they could handle the coldness of it. It starts in their puppy-hood when they lick ice cubes and play with it, till they are all grown up. But before they go and play in snow, you have to make sure that the fur on their paws are trimmed to avoid ice or ice balls sticking between the toes, and after they finished their playing, it’s better to move the ice yourself, don’t let them lick it.

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