A field trip of just pets, they pumped up the beach with happiness


This funny video will surprise you, and it will definitely brighten your day. Dogs want to have fun; they deserve a vacation, so they started to plan for their big day. Dogs are prime and wonderful; there is no doubt of that. Especially when they start enjoying their time, play around, swimming and bouncing. Have you ever listened about a pets’ trip? You will see one right now, the most adorable of all. The most charming dogs, the cutest cats, trembling tails, joyful barking, ball games, swimming in the crystal water, some water skating is allowed also. Such a fun trip, it makes you feel jealous and want to join.

The story behind this trip is the Malibu Dog Training Company, a 33 years experienced organization in training and behaviorist for dogs and pet animals. This company takes its students, as volunteers, after graduation to the beach with the pets; they take the pets in the truck, and bring them to the beach. Besides the fun they got, the graduated students clean the animals up; trim their nails, and after that they bring them back to their owners.


Dogs are well known for being the best swimmers, they are great and strong. They are intelligent, playful, gentle and strong; really, dogs do bring lots of laughs and adventures to our lives

Watch how does the pets spent their trip in the video below and if you find it funny, don’t hesitate then to share it with your family and friends.