Grief-Stricken Dog Owner Warns Other Pet Parents Of Dog Toy Danger


As all of us pet lovers know, owning a pet is not just fun and games, it is actually a huge responsibility upon everyone living with the pet and caring for it. This is why it is always important to make sure that we are fit for such a responsibility, after all, pets are souls, and being responsible for the well being of a living creature should not be underestimated. This is why we should be well aware of what is good for our pets and what isn’t, this way we can prevent many accidents from happening, like this one.


This is one of the most shocking and tragic stories ever. This accident went online after Jamie Stumpf’s dog, Maximus, was a victim of a tragic accident caused by a popular dog’s toy.
The ball you can see in the picture might seem harmless at first, but it has actually caused the death of Maximus the rottweiler. While Maximus was playing with the ball, the hole in it caused it to be suctioned onto his tongue, therefore causing severe swelling and eventually leading to Maximus’s death.


This is because this type of ball only has one hole in it, therefore a vaccuum can be created, causing it to get stuck. This is not the first time such an incident happens, as it also happened back in 2008 with another dog and the same type of ball, but luckily that dog survived. Another recent case was with a dog named Rooney who also survived. We are regretful that Maximus had to suffer because of this toy and we hope the irresponsible manufacturers get legally punished for this dangerous product.


Please spread awareness about this toy to any dog owner you know about this dangerous toy, and share this with your family and friends