Harley Lived In ACage For 10 Years, And Now He Is The American Hero Dog


When a dog is freed from the horrible life he is living in, and when they feel loved, their personality starts to shine, that sometimes they make miracles.

Now you will meet Harley, the Chihuahua dog that was rescued from a puppy mill, this Chihuahua dog is missing one eye, and his teeth were removed; that’s why his tongue is always out. Not just that, his legs are deformed too, but all of these things will never stop him from being a hero.


Harley is a real hero, that’s why he was named as the American Hero Dog, after he was rescued from the puppy mill; he amazed everyone by his personality.

Harley’s owner Rudi Taylor said that this Chihuahua dog was rescued from a puppy mill.

Harley lived for 10 years in a cage;he had a horrible life, with no love given, but when he got the chance, his personality shined, so look at him now, he is a winner.


This Chihuahua dog was rescued by The National Mill Dog Rescue, since then, his life changed immediately.

At first when Harley the Chihuahua dog went to the vet, they guessed that he only has only three months to live, but look at him now after four years of his rescue, he is a winner!


In those four years, Harley was on the posters of the rescue campaigns.

Even though this Chihuahua lived 10 years in hell,look at him now, he is the voice of other dogs in puppy mills and abused dogs.

The future will be better, and those rescuers will do their best to rescue every dog in puppy mills and make for them a happy future.


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