Have you ever saw a deer pet? See that dog and deer in LOVE


Actually animals are creating their own peaceful pure world. They usually amaze us with their relationship with humans, but their relations with each other are more adorable and meaningful, even if they are from totally different types.

That cute dog didn’t imagine that his new friend to be is a deer, she came to the yard hoping to find new mates, and she got one.

At first the deer was a stranger in the yard, but after that they started to play together and had the maximum fun. She was treated as a real pet and that’s pretty amazing. Both her and the dog played and loved each other, they were really in love.

After two weeks the conservation departure came and took the deer because it’s illegible to take a deer as a pet, but it isn’t set as a crime to give her help and safe home till the officials came and took her.


It’s rumored that different kind of animals can’t stand each other, but this video will prove it wrong, animals have their own contact and their special understanding and a world of their own.

So here are some adorable videos to watch about cute deer; check this stunning video of two close friends, a dog and a deer, you won’t believe how they love each other and how they cuddle together, the bond between animals are very deep and strong. Also don’t miss watching this stunning video of a dog and a deer playing hide and seek, you won’t stop laughing on it. Enjoy watching.

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