Have You Ever Thought Why Cats Afraid Of Or Hate Water?


Cats are one of the most loving and playful animals, they are composed animals. If cats are very clean and make sure to clean themselves on their own ways, so why most of them hate or are afraid of water? The answer is: their fur isn’t made to be drenched.

It would make sense that as cats are bathing themselves each and every day, but that no the way it works, cats just don’t enjoy taking baths.

Moreover, if your cat has accidently slipped into a tub or a sink full of water, the cat will go extremely nuts and does its best to get out off the water.


That takes us straight to  a big question which is “Why cats who spend most of their times grooming, bathing and cleaning up themselves don’t like water?!”

The reasons are:

  • Cat’s fur becomes waterlogged which weighs down your cat.
  • Cat got so uncomfortable because the top layer of its fur is water-resistant.
  • Cat is so sensitive to odors.
  • Cats may don’t like the scent of chemical from tap water.

In addition, some cats are afraid of being submerged in the water because they have never experienced it before. Most cats tend to be a little bit curious about water.

Then how to convince your cat to take a bath?

First, you have to know that bathing your cat shouldn’t be a big issue because it already spends a lot of time grooming and cleaning up itself.  However, when your cat steps into something muddy for example, you may want to clean your cat in a less time before it grooms itself.


So, gently ease your cat and make it comfortable while putting it in the water and remain speaking to it so softly.

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