He celebrated his birthday in a very different way; it’s the best surprise ever.

Dog Birthday

Stuffed animals and tennis balls are dogs’ best friends, well, and also balloons, and that was what Bunk proved. Bunk is falling in love with balloons and he wants to pop them all. His owners prepared a special birthday party for him; they filled the room with balloons, and suddenly they opened the door, Bunk went crazy. He jumped everywhere, running around, on the bed, under the bed, he wants to pop every single balloon, or even catch them. He is having so much fun doing that, you will start laughing hard. By the end of the video, you will notice that the room is empty, no balloons left, he popped every single one. No balloons survived. I think Bunk had the most wonderful birthday party. This video is amazing, it made my day.

He celebrated his birthday in a very different way; it's the best surprise ever.

You will be surprised if you knew that balloon popping has a record; a dog named Anastasia had popped about 100 balloons in 44.9 seconds, and this number was recorded in Guinness World record and after that record, she appeared in lots of advertisements and print campaigns. Stuffed animals are dogs’ best friends; it’s a common thing between dogs. But there is another thing dogs actually like, and its balloons. A dog’s favorite game is popping up balloons; it’s the best gift to give.

This video was uploaded on YouTube and exceeds one million views; all viewers became fans of Bunk. Watch this video and share it with family and friends, and in your dog’s next birthday, prepare some balloons for him to pop.