He chooses to live Homeless in streets sides, rather than leaving his Pit bull dog Abandoned!


A dog is a man’s best friend and man can be the dog’s best friend, and this story shows it. Dave Antonucci, is a homeless man, the streets is his only place to live. He is living by the side of some railroad tracks in Linden, New Jersey. But actually you will be shocked when you know the reason behind his being homeless. Simply, Dave can’t find a proper place to live because of his pit bull dog named Petey, he is two years old. Being homeless was a choice, as he said, he would rather to be homeless than give his dog up, his pit bull dog is like his son!



Bob Scutro, someone who started a fundraiser for Dave and his pit bull dog, said that Dave walks the streets all day, he sleeps in the side of the roads with his dog Petey, they walk for miles daily. Dave receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI), but he cannot be accepted into an assisted living program as long as Petey is with him, but he also can’t give up on his son! Can anyone live without his son and leave him behind?

Dave said that from the day he got his pit bull dog Petey, he hadn’t left him for a second; they are together day and night, taking every step together. As he said, he has no family, no kids, Petey is his only family! Thankfully, there are many people helping Dave, by clothes and food and any needed supplies.

Bob brought Petey some dog food, milk bones, some dog toys, and an old dog bed so he wouldn’t lay on the cold ground, he always brought Dave some food, and spent some time talking. Bob took Dave and his dog in his car, and by the help of Maria Lynn they secured a temporary place. The funds they collected for Dave are enough to cover the rent costs for a year. They also took the pit bull dog to the vet for a medical check. Dave didn’t ask for anything, a home or clothes or food, all what he wants is to make sure that his pit bull dog will stay beside him.


 He chooses to live Homeless in streets sides, rather than leaving his Pit bull dog Abandoned!