He decided to go on a relaxing flight, he got the shock of his life when he found THIS!

6-23-2015 5-13-11 PM

This video is about expecting the unexpected, because what happened in this video was something unbelievable!

Imagine that while you are in a flight, relaxed and excited, getting ready for an adventure, it’s exciting to see the world from above, and suddenly when everything is fine, you find a cat on the wings! Staring at you! Can it happen? Yes, it’s the same thing that happened with Romain Jantot, who was on a standard flight at Kourou airport, he was on the flight with a passenger beside him, they were ready to have an exciting flight, but something shocking happened! While he was in the middle of the way, he was totally shocked! He found a cat that is staring at him. It was the SHOCK OF HIS LIFE; it’s the moment that he was thinking what should I do now? What if the cat jumped; actually the cat was standing at the edge, it could easily fall.

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Everyone was stunned, even the passenger, but Romain didn’t hesitate to land immediately to save the cat, that moment was breathtaking. The cat was afraid, how can she resist the air pressure, but thankfully, the plane landed in the right time before the cat jumped off the plane. When they landed, the cat was totally terrified and she didn’t allow anyone to hold her, she ran away immediately.

Romain Jantot uploaded the video on his YouTube channel and it received more than 7 million views in less than three days. He said that thankfully the cat was ok and safe, she is now their mascot, but he is not sure at all how this cat reached the wings and got into the plane, so he said an advice, make sure that there isn’t any cats before your flight.

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