He decided to make a prank on his girlfriend, using her CAT! Shocking yet hilarious.

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Imagine when you accidently find your cat near the window and about to fall! Imagine that you are seeing your cat falling down from your apartment, especially if you are living in a long building! It’s a disaster and a miserable thing!

This man knew how shocking and painful it is, especially for his girlfriend who is actually a cat addict, she is a cat lover, nothing is more precious for her than her sweet cat, as he said, and she loves her cat more than anything on earth. So he got that evil idea to make a prank on his girlfriend, convincing her that her cat fell down the window and died!!

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One day, his girlfriend was out with her friends, so he planned to the prank, he printed a photo of her cat. Now, everything is ready, and also his girlfriend arrived, so he took the cat and locked it in the bathroom, then he grabbed the photo and put it behind the glass, so it would apparently look like her cat is standing behind the window and her boyfriend is trying to catch the cat. when she entered the room , he started to act like he is trying to catch the cat but he fails, and he lets the paper down, yeah it’s just a paper, but for his girlfriend?? It’s her CAT!

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She was totally shocked, she screamed loudly, she couldn’t believe that her cat was gone in seconds, but after a few minutes, he showed her that it’s just a picture of her cat, and he opened the bathroom door and grabbed the cat! What I liked more about the video is that amazing and kind hug that she gave to her cat, she really loves her!

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Have you ever tried pranks like this with your cat lover friend? Share with us your story, and don’t forget to share this prank with your family and friends.

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