He found 5 abandoned kittens and took them home, what his dog did for them was priceless.


This is a beautiful story that shows you how animals are kind with each other; I am totally amazed by what I am watching in this video. This story is proving that the motherhood instinct in dogs is very strong.

In Egypt, a man found five small kittens in the street while he was on his way home; he found them lying next to their dead mother. The man decided to save their life and let the soul of their mother rest in peace. The man took the kittens into his home to foster them and to save their life, because he knows deep inside of him that Egypt’s street is not a safe place for innocent animals to live in. He took them to his home, and he never forgot that he had a golden retriever dog in his home, she is named Sofia.

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The first thing that he did to them was preparing a safe place for them to stay and he bought kittens’ milk and he started to feed them one by one, at this moment something surprising happened, he found his golden retriever dog Sofia coming near him, she started to sniff the kittens, and she laid down beside them, she started to lick them and clean them, she decided to be the fostering mother. After the kittens fed the milk, they slept between her arms peacefully, for the first time they felt safe after the death of their mother.

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Surprisingly, she stayed by their side for complete 13 hours; she moved after that to eat, and then she went back and slept beside them. The most surprising fact about Sofia the golden retriever dog is that she had never been a mother before, she didn’t give birth to puppies till now; her instinct is the only thing that moves her.