He found a dog crying over his dead cat friend, what the dog did next was UNBELIVABLE!


Dogs are very loyal animals, for their owners, for their dogs’ friends, and for each other. Loyalty is not only between man and dog, but also between dogs and any other animal. It all started in Egypt, in one of Cairo’s streets, when a passerby noticed an old black stray dog sitting in the street, he came closer to the dog and he noticed that the dog is doing some sounds referring that he is in pain or that he is crying. Each time the man came closer to the dog, the dog turns to him aggressively. The man noticed that the dog is hiding something, and when he checked, he was shocked to find that this is a cat!


The dog was sitting beside his stray cat friend who was hit by a car and died instantly. The black stray dog found that his cat friend was dead. What he did was very touching and heart wrenching. At first, the man thought that the dog would eat the cat or harm her, but what the dog did was unbelievable; the loyal dog started to dig with his paws and buried his cat friend. The man who was capturing this was shocked to see this! The dog sniffed the cat, and he kept on burying the little cat till nothing appeared from its body on the surface. When the dog finished, he sat beside the cat grave, and as the man said, his eyes were full of sadness, and each time the man tried to come closer, the dog turned out to be more aggressive.



This story is showing how dogs are loyal, and showing the real bond between cats and dogs, all what this dog wanted to do was to protect the cat, in her life, and her death.
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