He Found A Dog That Was Buried Alive; Investigation Shows Horrible Facts About The Crime


In the same time that we write so many stories about those amazing pure hearted people who do their best to save animals, we find that there are a lot of heartless people living with us in this world. This story is showing a scary side of humans. This dog was buried alive! An old dog was found buried up to her neck in France. Her photos went viral all over the internet and social media websites.


A man saw the dog and rescued her; he captured many photos of her and posted it on Facebook. As he said that he was walking his own dog and accidently he saw that old dog, he was in the right place at the right time, if he didn’t pass then, this dog would be dead by now. The dog’s head was visible and all of her body was buried. Without hesitating, he started to dig around the dog, his puppy also helped him, and then he called the authorities to start investigating.


When they freed the dog, they took her immediately to the vet hospital where they started to give her the medical treatment that she needed, she was injured!


The dog is about 10 years old, and the investigations showed horrible facts.The one who buried the dog had put stones around the puppy and attached her leash to a bag of gravel so she won’t escape. The owner was finally identified as he was taken by the police into custody. He denied that he did this to his dog; he said that the dog had run away from his house and he didn’t know anything about her since then.


But it was found that the dog is having arthritis which makes it very hard for her to run away from her home. Investigations are still taking place, but it seems that this owner is hiding something, he is now facing animal cruelty charges and he may receive up to two years in jail.