He found a little kitten drowning, what he did next was very GENIUS


Every day we see lots of stories about animal rescues, but from my point of view, I think that when normal people stop by an animal in need and start to rescue it, is more amazing and heartwarming than the rescue missions that the organizations are responsible for, because simply volunteers dedicated their life for rescuing animals, they are knowing that they are going to that place to save a soul, but any passerby who decides to help an animal in need, it’s just because of the kindness in their heart that moves them towards this act. Saving this animal in the instant moment is just a choice. This is what this guy had been through, he is not a fire fighter, he is not a volunteer, he is a normal man, and he chose to save this kitten. Yusuke Mieno was just driving down the street when he noticed a kitten falling down into a roadside canal, he stopped at the side of the road and he found the kitten drowning in the canal, and there was no one around he could ask for help. So he figured out a very creative way to help the kitten, with an UMBERELLA!


He got down and caught the little kitten with the umbrella, luckily someone took a photo of him while he was catching the little kitten, and it went viral on the internet. What this young man did to save the kitten is priceless, now thankfully this kitten is living happily; he gave her the chance to live again. If this man wasn’t there for the cat’s help, the kitten would be dead by now. We are very thankful for this humane man.


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