He Had Enough Of Being Human, So He Decided To Live Like A Mountain Goat


Sometimes we feel sick of the humans’ world, so we escape to the world of our pets, hugging them, playing with them, they are our real friends. But this man took it to a whole new level, what he did is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.


This man was known for his endless love for goats, and because sometimes humanity makes you feel sick. He left the human world and decided to live like “Goats“. It all started when Thomas Thwaites went to a goat farm and he talked to the farmer and he started convincing him to let him live with mountain goats for three days, he wanted to be a part of the goat herd in the Swiss Alps. He told the farmer that he wanted to investigate their behavior and live with them. Things didn’t stop at this point, he wore prosthetic limbs with hooves, which allowed him to walk and move exactly like goat on his two legs and two arms.


As he explained, he said that he was in need for this time with goats, all what he wanted was to take a break from the human beings. Three days off from worries, problems, pain, and he chose mountain goats because he really loves them.

It wasn’t as easy as you think, he made lots of studies first to know how mountain goats live, their behavior, but actually Thwaites took it more seriously, he went to a behavioral psychologist and neurologist to study turning off parts of his brain to help him think like a goat! It’s unbelievable. But Thwaites thinks that instead of trying to be more intelligent or stronger, it’s better to think of simplifying our lives, and this is what he did, but his three days living like a mountain goat is not his last adventure, he will live like a caveman this weekend!


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