He heard a whispering voice every day he came to the shelter, but he was totally surprised by what he found.


As Ghandi said before, you can judge a society by how it treats its animals. We have seen lots of stories of people who are doing their best to rescue animals, adopting abandoned dogs and fostering them in homes, or rescuing them from horrible situations, but this lady found a special thing to give dogs. All what she cared about is those dogs that are living in shelters, waiting for their forever owners to come for them, she knew that time passed slowly for them, they are alone, in need for someone to help them pass the boring time. Well,this lady from North Shore in Pittsburgh is doing a fine job representing humans, representing how kind they are. All what she is doing is that she is reading books for dogs. In this photo, she is reading a book called “The Pup and the Biscuit” to the dogs in the shelter.

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The photo of this lady was shared all over the internet, she was reading for an old pit bull dog named Jade. The one who captured this photo is one of the volunteers who walk the dogs. As he explained, he heard her whispering to the dogs, reading them stories to help them get over their loneliness. It’s an amazing act of kindness; we hope that everyone around the world could have her kind heart. Every one of us should make a change and save a pure soul or help her, till they get their second chance at life, you can help those in shelters by the way you find it easier; either by adopting a dog or by donating, or by volunteering in any shelter with a part of your time. It’s amazing to give them love.

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