He hit a dog and kept driving for 55 miles, and when he stopped, he was shocked by what he found!


Dog survives after being struck by car then travelling 55 miles stuck in bumper in Brazil
Dog survives after being struck by car then travelling 55 miles stuck in bumper in Brazil

We all know how much we should be careful while driving, we should take care of stray animals who pass the road, so we shouldn’t drive too fast, and in case we hit an animal, we should stop and check on that animal and take it immediately to the vet, but it seems that this man didn’t go by the rules’ book.

It all started when he was driving his car with his mother and two other students on their way to their university. While he was driving, he saw a dog, he tried his best to avoid the dog but he failed, he listened to a hit sound, but he couldn’t stop on the runway but he thought that the dog had survived because he was not driving on high speed.

After he arrived to his destination, he noticed some people staring at him, telling him to stop the car, so he stopped and he was shocked from what he found. The little puppy that he hit was stuck in the front of the car and he was sitting silently in the grill. The puppy was sitting silently, the driver was thankful that the dog survived. So he called the vet immediately to check on the dog. When the vet arrived, he found that the dog have only one broken bone in her leg, thankfully, she survived and she wasn’t badly injured because he was not driving on a high speed.


The driver is irresponsible, he should have stopped when he felt that he hit the dog, things might have gone worse, if the dog didn’t get stuck in the car, he would have died by now. But after all what happened, he tried to fix his mistake, so he told the vet that he will pay for all the treatments needed for the dog.