He just got out of jail, but something changed his life forever!

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This video shows how humans and dogs are completing each other, they can lead each other to the right way, and they can offer each other a helping hand. In the same time that humans help dogs in need, dogs also can help the struggling humans, and this will prove it.

It all started when those two ex – convicts were in prison, and they are free now, they recently got out of jail, a new life out there is waiting for them, but is it that easy? Are they ready to face the world after years of living in jail? It wasn’t an easy thing at all, they faced lots of troubles, everything changed, they have lots of problems with interacting and socializing, but there is only one thing that can solve it all, having a four legged friend who has that magic spell to change our lives.

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The two ex-convicts went to the shelter to choose a new companion in their life. When they looked to the dogs’ eyes, they felt that they are also in jail, waiting for someone to free them; they felt that adopting a dog is a life changing thing for both of them. Every one of the two ex – convicts adopt a dog, and from the first day, there life changed forever. Now, they have their own jobs, they are starting fresh, they are socializing and having new friends. Dogs made a magical change in their life.

On the other hand, nothing is more precious than giving a dog a second chance at life, dogs who were abused, who faced horrible circumstances, all what those dogs needed is love and care, and this is what they gave the dogs, they are completing each other.

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