He kicked a cat and threw it into fire ALIVE! And he is still a free man!

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It’s one of the most horrible incidents that have ever happened; it’s very shocking how people turned out to be that mean and heartless. The story started when this teenager named Lace Elgar, 19 years old, after a serious argument with his mother, got drunk and totally lost it, and this made him act violently towards a defenseless weak animal.

When the little cat scratched him, he threw it in a fire, leaving it to burn to death. He repeatedly kicked its head with steel toe-capped boots, and heartlessly left the cat with broken bones. This was not enough for him; he threw the cat alive into fire! The cat did not stand a chance of survival.

The cat was taken to the vet immediately; it cat already belonged to the owners of the church. After the medical check, the vet said that it had suffered broken bones, fractures, internal bleeding and a severed spinal cord.

Later the boy was arrested; the landscape gardener was only handed a 12-week jail term, suspended two years by magistrates. He was told to pay £2,380 and was also banned from owning animals for 10 years. And as the Judge Tim Daber said, what Lace Elgar did, shows an incredible cruelty that cannot be forgiven. As for Elgar’s lawyer Hayley Pearson, he said that it was just a “moment of madness”.

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But is that enough for a cruel act like this? For a moment of madness that killed a pure soul? We feel like that there should be a harder penalty. It’s a not an accepted act for a teen! So many Animals Rights communities want to re-tail the case and they want to see this teenager punished to the fullest. I can’t believe that there is such cruelty in the world.