He kicked the stray dog, but the dog got revenge in the most incredible way.


Karma is all around, standing beside every one of us, taking revenge if needed, for you. But this story strengthens my belief in karma more and more, you won’t believe what Karma did to this man. It was like a STRIKE!!

One day, in China, this car owner kicked a stray dog while he was going back home, the dog was laying in his parking spot. He kicked the dog to park his car, the dog got scared and ran away; he disappeared from the whole place. After the man had parked his car, he went to his apartment! Later, karma was there, nothing unexpected happened. The dog returned to the parking with few of his friends, doing the most incredible thing ever. They started to trash the man’s car, biting it with their teeth, and windshield wipers. Luckily, his neighbor took pictures that showed how dogs took revenge. YEAH! Revenge can be so sweet. I wish I can see that man’s face after seeing what they did!



It’s important to know that China is known as one of the countries that known for animal cruelty, and surprisingly it comes in the third place in the middle between Australia and Spain. China is known for skinning wolves while still alive and other furry animals, which is shamefully cruel. China has been known for the deficiency that it has for taking care of animals, there are several crimes against animals that have been noticed but nothing was done to help. No laws against animal abuse or whatsoever. There are multiple videos on the internet for Chinese people torturing stray animals and birds.


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