He killed her 5 puppies with a blunt wooden object with nails

5-13-2015 7-41-43 PM

Every day we hear about a horrible story of animal abuse, and what made us feel a little heartwarming, is when we see those amazing people who are willing to help animals in need whatever it takes.

It all started when a stray dog was living in one of the streets in Egypt, she was loved by all the neighborhood, no one opened their homes for her, but they opened their hearts, they were giving her food and water, and sometimes they gave her some petting, the stray dog was pregnant and she gave birth to 5 puppies. The neighborhood welcomed them and they felt that it’s their duty to care for them and to offer them food. But sadly there was a man living in the same neighborhood who wasn’t as kind as the rest, he was a vicious killer, he went to the puppies and killed them all by hitting them with a blunt wooden object with nails on it.

It seems that their mother wasn’t in the place when that man came, I believe that if she was there, she would have done her best to protect her babies. The people in the neighborhood knew what happened to the puppies and they snapped the accident and one of them posted it on Facebook on one of the animal’s rights groups. The photos show how the mother was shocked to see her babies killed. The one who posted the photo asked for help, he wanted anyone to come and take that mother before that killer came and killed her.

In the next day, an animal right activist went and rescued the dog, they took the dog and one of them decided to adopt her, later the photos of the dog went viral, she was smiling, she felt safe and she lived happily in her new home. The woman who adopted her decided to name the dog Cleopatra, and as she said “I will try to replace all the pain she felt in her life, with kindness and happiness that she will find in her forever home.”

Later, it was known that the man was caught by the police and he is now facing a felony of animal cruelty and abuse, we are hoping that he will get the maximum penalty for the crime that he did.