He leaves his phone charger plugged in, then he finds his pup doing THIS


Almost all pet owners believe there are only very few things more wonderful than having a precious furry friend in their life.  As a pet owner, I absolutely agree with this majority. However, I believe also that pets depend on their humans for unconditional care and commitment. Just like babies, keeping a pet requires dedication and responsibility, so it is not something for everyone.

There are good reasons for adoption centers being so strict when processing applications. These people are exerting great efforts, when taking care of pets and know the exact meaning of being responsible for a furry creature. Therefore, they always need to be so sure that pets are going to live happily and healthily in their forever homes. That is why pet proofing your home is one of their main points of concern.

When it comes to the pet you have in your life, and potential adoption, pet proofing, or setting up your home to be safe for pets, is one of the most important points that you must take into consideration.

In fact, it is not hard at all to make your home pet-proofed. You just need a little work and some minor upgrades to turn your home into the safest and most perfect pet-friendly home in no time.

Scroll through this guide to find out how to turn your home into a pet-proofed paradise in just eight simple steps!


1# Stow Your Cords


In our modern homes, cables and cords are one of the biggest hidden threats to pets.

Pets are curious by nature, this is why they always have the desire to find out what are these thread-looking things lying next to your computer and other various devices and plugged into the walls.

As one of the pets’ favorite ways to explore is to chew on them, things like coffee pots and chargers must never be left in your pet’s reach.

Store all objects like headphones and loose cables after use, as your pet may swallow the cords that would stick in their digestive system.

In addition, do not leave other outlets exposed, and use your furniture to block them.

2# Install Pet Gates


In everyone’s home, there are certain areas that are almost impossible to be completely pet-proofed. Therefore, you can set up walk-through gates wherever it is necessary to ensure that your pet would never cross through the gate unless you know it is safe.

Whether that’s the baby’s nursery that you prefer to keep pet-free for now or a basement full of paint buckets and mousetraps. Installing pet gates would ensure that your furry friend is kept far away from danger.


3# Check The Hood


Although it is not common nowadays to leave your car hood open if you are a mechanic or an amateur tinkerer, there is a possibility your pet can sneak to your auto work, so make sure no animal has access.

Cats in particular love to curl and hunker down in warm places, and they do not mind if this place is your car engine. Crafty cats can climb in via the walls of wheels in some cars, so it is a good idea to check the hood of your car and undercarriage before you drive your car in the morning.

4# Weed Out Plants


For humans, it is an uplifting and wonderful thing to have plants in the house, but for our precious furry companions, it can be dangerous as they may love to chew on leaves.

While some plants are safe for pets, like African violets and spider plants, other plants like some types of ivy and calla lilies, can be dangerous. Therefore, vet all plants in your house, and make sure you give away any plant that can harm your furry friend.


5# Keep Your Drawers Closed


While you think of your dresser as a place to keep your clothes, your pet may see it as the ultimate bunk bed.

Cats, in particular, are fond of napping in warm spaces, so they may clamber into your neatly folded clothes. That is why you might trap your furry friend if you close your drawer without noticing that they are in.

To avoid this, make sure you keep your drawers always securely closed, and if you ever forget them open, check for your furry friend in there before closing again.

6# Put Your Shoes Away


When we come home after a long day at work, it is always easier to kick off the shoes rather than putting them away immediately. In case you have a pet at home, you have to change this habit for your own sake and for your pet’s.

If you leave your shoes within the reach of your pet, they will most likely end up ruined, and more importantly, you furry friend could accidentally eat part of them.

Laces can potentially be tangled; therefore, they are especially dangerous. That is why the safest option is keeping a shoe bin with a lid right by your door.


7# Lock Your Cabinets


Pet owners who have kids probably know all about cabinet locks. Well, your kids might not be babies anymore, but as long as there is a furry creature at home, you should use these cabinet locks for their safety.

Although animals do not have opposable thumbs, they are pretty good at breaking into a closed cabinet, especially when they think that their favorite treats are on the other side.

Additionally, childproof locks must also be used to keep your furry friend away from the dangerous chemicals under the sink.


8# Store objects high up


Be sure to keep dangerous objects out of the reach of your pet, just as you do with toddlers. Hide valuable objects, like plants, heirloom china, and, yes, treats, high enough above the jumping height of your pet.

You should also keep in mind that “out of reach” is a relative concept that applies differently to dogs versus cats.

Whether you have a pet or looking to adopt one, ensure you take all the tips on this list into consideration. In no time flat, you can turn your home into a pet paradise.

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