He Left His Dog in a Hot Car..His Reaction When Confronted Is Unbelievable

Sometimes, some dog owners are just not fit for the responsibility of owning and taking care of a dog, and one of the worst acts of irresponsibility that dog owners commit is locking their dogs in the car on a hot day! No matter how many stories we see every day about the dangers of doing so, we still see a lot of owners doing it, and the consequences are more often than not drastic.

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When these two women confronted a dog owner about what he did, they did not expect this reaction.

This video went viral on the internet and triggered a hate wave towards the man. Jennifer Thi witnessed as a woman walked into the pet store where she works and asked about a French bulldog locked in a car. Going outside, Thi noticed that the dog was displaying signs of heat stress, with the windows cracked no more than half an inch.

Trying the passenger door, the two women discovered that the car was unlocked, and they got the dog outside. That’s when the owner, who has been standing and silently watching the situation since it began, walked towards them and started verbally attacking them.

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Not only has he been standing there and watching as his dog was suffering inside the car, but he also thought he was in position to defend himself. I couldn’t believe how rude he was to the women, all because they tried to save HIS dog.

The temperature in a locked car can rise more than 20 degrees in less than 10 minutes, instantly causing heat stroke, even with the windows open. Please don’t leave your dog in the car, and if you see a locked dog, call the police or the nearest animal rescue, and try to locate the owner.

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