He Let Go of His Dog After Becoming Homeless..One Year Later? You Won’t Believe It

When you’ve spent a significant amount of time with a dog, be it long or short, it’s undeniable that you start thinking of your dog as more than just a pet, but rather as essential part of your life and your identity. They become your life companions.

However, while many dog owners fail to realize that, we see lots of dogs getting abandoned for unconvincing reasons. But it’s wrong to assume that all people who abandon their dogs do so for wrong reasons. Sometimes, the person abandoning their dog is doing it for the good of the dog.


And when this man dropped his dog off at a local no-kill shelter about a year ago, the shelter volunteers thought they were in for another case of cruel abandonment. However, the story they heard broke their hearts.

The owner of Reece has made the heartbreaking decision to leave his dog at the Great Plains SPCA in Missouri. He was out of options due to the fact that after hitting a rough financial patch, the man has lost his home, and was unable to provide the care needed for Reece anymore.

The shelter took Reece in, who was heartbroken to leave his owner. Over the course of one year, as Reece was up for adoption, no one took him in, and he became one of the longest residents of the shelter.

Then, the unexpected happened. A year after he was desperate enough to let go of his dog, the man had gotten back on his feet and was able to come back to the shelter to take Reece.


The video shows the incredible reunion of the owner and his loyal dog Reece who has never forgotten him. It’s such a heartwarming thing to see.

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