He Looks Like Any Other Cat! Wait A Minute And Look At His Mesmerizing Eyes!


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Coby, the most famous cat in the whole planet. He has nearly 300.000 Instagram followers. Thanks to his most beautiful blue eyes, he became an internet phenomena.

He is a rare cat with snow white fur and mesmerizing blue eyes! When you look at his eyes, you will be charmed by their beauty.  When you look at the wonderful creature you will struggle to take your eyes off him.  


Look at his amazing photo collection below to understand the depth of his natural beauty, and luxurious life style.  

Coby is a British shorthair, but he doesn’t typically look like his breed.  Typically, shorthairs are grey and cooper-colored but not Coby. He is distinctive and special.

People all over the world are completely mesmerized with his charming beauty and the sharp contrast between his pure white fur and his crystal clear blue eyes.


Coby joined the social media only eight months ago and has already gained celebrity status, creating a new hype.  His handsome looks and stunning personality have earned him more than 300.000 Instagram followers and over 4.200 Facebook fans.


You will completely fall in love with him, just look at his stunning beauty!

After one look at his charming face, you’ll know exactly why people all over the world are crazy about him.

His profile reads “I have big blue eyes and an even bigger personality. I love tuna, stealing covers, and playing with my ducky in the tub.”


Looking at his photos, it is clear that Coby really enjoys playing hide-and-seek.

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