He lost his legs after they were frozen, but then his life changed forever

He lost his legs after they were frozen, but there is a thing that changed his life forever

Dogs teach us to never give up whatever difficulties face us, and the story of Hector is one that will inspire you to do just that, after you will see how he struggles to have a beautiful life. Hector is a two year old dog, but sadly this cute one has lost his hind legs, you will see it clearly in the video, and it was because of his birth moment as his owner said, because his mother who was already a stray dog, gave birth to him in a minus 40 temperature, which was completely freezing, and that affected his temperature, and his tail and his feet. As a result, they were totally frozen and stuck in the snow, so shockingly she tore them off!

Hector was adopted by this kind woman in the video; it’s very kind of her. So many people never want to adopt those dogs that have disabilities, but she loved Hector instantly when she saw him, and because of his problems, he spent most of his life inside the house without playing outside or having walks.

Hector’s owner really wanted to make a change in his life, she wanted him to be happy, so she posted Hector’s story on Facebook, then people started to donate to buy him prosthetic legs, which will help him to play and walk like a normal dog. And thankfully the money needed had been raised; those prosthetic legs are for $4000. As you see in the video, now Hector is able to stand and walk, his steps are faster than his owner’s sometimes. She is so happy to see him walk happily like other dogs, she is proud of how strong her dog is, but now Hector is just training on those legs, that’s why he is wearing them only for one hour, three times a day. Well done, Hector.

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