He noticed something weird on the deer’s antler, what he found was unbelievably wired

He noticed something weird on the deer's antler, what he found was unbelievably wired

It’s a much weird thing to see, after watching this; you will keep on asking, when? Why? And how? The guy in this video saw the deer on the other side of the river, but he noticed that there is something on its antler, guess what it is? It’s a powdered donut! It’s weird, isn’t it? The man tried his best to let the deer come towards him, and when he crossed the side of the river, he started to pet the deer so he can remove the stuck powdered sugar donut, and he did it perfectly. What I noticed in this video is how the deer was so cute and loving. The man said that it seems that there is someone who put the donut on the deer’s antler.

Deer are very beautiful animals which are illegal to keep in home as pets; they have to live in a wide open space. Deer’s weight starts from 30 to 300 kg; you will be amazed when you know that the largest deer ever was about 431 kg. Deer also are perfect in swimming, and they are very fast, their speed can reach about 30 mph. a male deer is called “buck” but the large male are called “stag”, the female deer are called “doe” , and the baby deer is called “fawn”, the group of deer called is “herd”. Deer are very good swimmers, they swim perfectly, as you see in the video they can control their steps in the water, they also can jump high. It’s good to know that the white spots on the deer body is fading every day, the deer is born with those white spots but everyday this white spots decrease.

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